When Is the Best Time to Buy New Wheels and Tyres?

For the best possible deals and sales, try to purchase tyres in spring and autumn. These are the off-peak seasons when specials and discounts prevail.

There are many different types of tyres to help with many weather and road conditions. Depending on your area and your traditional local weather, it may be wise to invest in tyres for the summer that not only can withstand heat, but also rain, or extreme road conditions like dirt or mountain roads, or road construction.

There are many reasons to invest in a new set of wheels and tyres. Buying new tyres doesn’t have to be a financial burden; there are many tricks to finding great deals on tyres, as well as knowing when to shop for the best prices. Many consumers wait too long to buy tyres, and tend to only buy one at a time and by the time the first one is old and worn you have to replace them again. The first thing to consider is which tyres need replacing. Ideally, you should replace all your car tyres at the same time, but this is rarely practical because front and rear tyres wear at different rates.

Many mechanics will recommend replacing all four tyres at once for the best price and performance. Most tyres should last 5 to 6 years with proper wheel balancing, rotations and maintenances. It’s wise not to wait until it’s too late to buy new wheels and tyres. Do not wait until the tread is worn down and the tyres are ‘bald’ before replacement. Driving on tyres with too little tread can be very dangerous. The handling is severely affected by the loss of tread, as well as making the tyres more fragile to flats or blowouts.

To help maintain stability in extreme conditions, such as emergency braking or a sudden swerve, you should always fit the newest or least-worn tyres on the rear axle. Keep an eye on your tyres and watch for signs of abnormal or uneven wear, as these will severely shorten the lifespan of the tyres. Remember when buying a set of new tyres you need to buy five tyres (for the spare as well). Make sure that you pump the tyres at the right pressure and always check your spare regularly. It is now easy to purchase wheels and tyres in-store or online and then have them fitted at the corresponding fitment center.

New Versus Existing Tyres: Driving To Your Holiday Destination

There is always an argument among people about getting new tyres for the holiday or keeping the ones they already have for the trip. Which would be wiser?

In truth it wouldn’t really matter whether you have new or old tyres for the holiday trip but there are other factors that should be considered when driving long distances.

Always have a spare tyre. New tyres don’t guarantee that there won’t be any sharp objects on the road. The small point of a nail or glass piece could easily penetrate through anything if it’s at the right angle. The chance of that same piece of menace hitting another tyre is unlikely so a spare should do.

Regardless of whether you have new tyres or old tyres, air could still find a way to escape. Before you leave make sure that you check the pressure with the proper equipment and pump them up.

Many might think that new tyres need some sort of warming up to be done before driving long distances. There is a possibility that this could be plausible. Tyres are meant to go through harsh conditions. Don’t forget that it was made to withstand rain, heavy pressure from the car and extreme heat from the friction between the bumpy tar and your tyre.

If you are driving to a place that needs heavy duty climbing make sure that your car is built for that activity and the wheels have the proper tread depth before you decide to climb the rocky hills. You will more than likely come home having to replace those tyres again especially if you don’t have the skill to drive with a four wheel drive car.

Normal cars need to stick to the tyres that fit them best. Although you might think that installing deep treaded tyres will allow you to do a hill journey you are wrong. This may not be a common activity that happens but to some it could be a possibility.

Remember that going on holiday should be a fun experience for you and your family. Don’t run into problems that will ruin the trip for all of you. The main thing you have to remember to do is to always bring your spare tyre along in case you end up with a puncture.

If you are ever unsure of how to change your tyres or if it is necessary to change them, make sure that you visit the nearest tyre repair centre.