Accommodating for the Power When Fitting a Big Engine in a Small Car

Car enthusiasts love creating an amazing machine out of a basic one. They always look for the most extreme engines and car parts to manufacture a street monster. It’s all fun and games, but you must know exactly what you are doing.

The first thing that pops up in a car enthusiasts head when they see an old car is “How cool would this piece of rubbish be if I stuck a big fat V8 in it?”. That’s when you know that they have some big ideas for that old wagon.

Most small cars that have had a big engine fitted will also have turbochargers. Bigger engines in small cars make them heavier and will require more power to move faster. The turbocharger will allow the driver to achieve this without using more petrol.

The most crucial part of swapping engines is the rewiring process. The distributor has been programmed to fire the sparkplugs at the correct time. The person doing the modification will have to test the firing times before fixing it into the bonnet.

The engine will also have to be connected to the throttle correctly in order to drive. It will also have to be connected to the speedometer for correct measurement of speed and how many revolutions per minute (RPM) the engine is doing.

You will also need to find a way to keep the engine cool. The space is smaller and retains more heat. Engine overheating is damaging and the correct cooling system is necessary. Coolant hoses will also need to be wider in diameter for more flow to the other engine parts.

In some cases, you may need to change the gear box for an increased amount of gears. The engine may not be used to full capacity if it doesn’t have a smaller gear to go to. Remember that the first gear is for higher torque and less speed. This means that the gear is bigger to allow for that power. Higher gears are smaller to allow for more speed as there is not as much diameter to go around.

Axles will also need to be changed or enhanced. Small cars don’t have very strong axles as they are not meant to go at extremely high speeds.

Check that the wheels and tyres can handle the speed too. Older and smaller cars have thinner tyres that will wear away at higher speeds. Ask a tyre supplier to advise you on this so that you get the most of the added engine capacity.

Tune Up the Engine of Your Audi Car to Get Extreme Power Output

What will be your reaction if your neighbors stare you as soon as you drive out your beloved Audi car for going to office? Obviously, you will not only moves your eyes around to see that are all your neighbors watching you or only few of them have noticed you while driving. I think this description is enough to explain the status of an Audi car owner in the society, this is mainly because of the respect that German car maker has gained since its inception due to which it is considered as the replica of comfort and luxuriousness merged in a unit.

But, interestingly some of the owners are still not satisfied with the performance of their beloved car and intend to get more from it and therefore search for modifying their masterpieces with new features that boost its performance and make them capable for delivering the results which they are capable of. Interestingly, now days there are various renowned international car modifiers that offer different types of tuning chips for all sorts of cars that are manufactured across the world and for such modifiers developing a chip for Audi tuning is not a daunting task.

The operation of tuning an Audi car offered by them is custom written and can be tailored to satisfy varying needs of different Audi owners. Following the tuning instructions according to manual provided by them will improve the overall performance of your car including enhancement of power, torque, throttle response, and fuel efficiency.

Tuning an Audi Car: The tuning chip developed for the Audi cars has been developed for almost all vehicles from the German car maker equipped with either petrol engine or diesel engine. The tuning is accomplished with help of on-board diagnostic (OBD) port. The worth mentioning of this tuning chip is that it is developed after going thousands of test drives on different models manufactured under the flagship of the car maker. The tuning chip is available for Audi cars including A4, S3, A5, TT, RS6, R8, Q7 and A3.

What is Car Tuning: In simple words, tuning may be defined as the process of altering the mechanical features of certain car in such a way that various components including the engine start performing better than their actual ability. The other parts which can be altered apart from engine are spoilers, exhaust system, wheels etc.

Benefits of Tuning a Car: Although tuning the car helps in enhancing its performance in form of fuel efficiency and drivability, but apart from this it offers plethora of various benefits some of which are enlisted below:

1. Tuning the car helps in enhancing the reselling value of your car. You will be surprised to know that all cars manufactured across the world vary in form of power and torque generation efficiencies, despite of the same make. Tuning the car not only offers improved performance to its original owner but as the second buyer also enjoys the same features from it, the original buyer is in position to demand high price for reselling it.

2. It is a universal truth that every machinery depreciates due to regular wear and tear and from that point of view your beloved Audi is not an exception to it. If you do not look towards the regular servicing of your car it will start consuming more fuel than compared to the car that is regularly serviced. To enjoy flawless driving, performance tuning of Audi car will help in minimizing your investments on petrol and further maintenance.

3. Continuing the above mentioned benefits, car tuning also helps in protecting the different mechanical items like brakes, gearbox, clutch etc mounted in your car from getting damaged and also protect you from the burden of facing plethora of other problems also.