How to Prepare Your Car and Wheels for a Race

You will see that during any races on television the crew changing the tyres quite often. Racing puts a lot of strain on the car and the wheels. Why is that?

Speed causes most of the components to heat up quicker than during a normal drive. The pistons have to move faster pushing the crank to move faster. It is important to make sure that the right amount of lubrication is present between these mechanisms. The oil keeps the components moving smoothly. If there is no smooth movement present you are in danger of causing the components to wear out.

Anything that is worn away inside the engine has to be completely replaced. Always make sure that there is oil in the engine. It’s also important to make sure that the cooling parts are up to standard. If the engine does not cool down it could blow up or melt from the intense heat.

Have you never noticed that racers take a couple of laps before the actual race starts? The warming up of the tyres is an important part of racing. The hotter the tyres are during the race the faster the car will go because of the lack of friction present. It’s wise to make sure that when you start a race you change those tyres because of the wear they will endure. Wear will unbalance the car slightly making it difficult to handle.

Racing wheels don’t have a tread or have a very shallow tread with very low side walls. The suspension is low because of the small amount of air that has to surround it to make it aerodynamic. Getting the shocks checked is also important. Remember that with a lower suspension the car will less likely be able to drive over humps because of the lack of absorption of force.

Make sure that your wheels have been balanced and aligned. The forces the car goes through during a race are incredibly strenuous. An unbalanced tyre will cause you to lose control of the car. Around extreme turns the wheel and axle will end up failing on you thus causing the car to flip over.

Races tend to do ten times the damage a normal drive would do because of speed, heat and forces applied to the wheels. Your tyre and wheel wholesaler will be able to put the correctly fitted tyres and wheels on your car before a race along with the correct balancing and alignment.

Can a Garage Door Really Protect Your Car?

There is no doubt that your life becomes comfortable when you buy a lush car as you do not have to use the local transport or hire a cab. Do you have a proper place in your house to park the car? You may say ‘yes, we have a porch to park the car’ but do you really think that it is good for the protection of vehicle? A porch only gives the shade to the vehicle however it cannot protect a car from weather effects. More on, whenever the snow falling reaches an extreme point, the car’s engine may get the effect and so, it will not be easy for you to start the engine. However, if you park the car in the garage, things will become more convenient for you because the vehicle will need a high level of maintenance.

Although, there are garages in most of the houses, however, households do not bother to install the door. Well, stealing a car from an open garage does not require a rocket science as burglars know all the tactics to deactivate the sound of an alarm system and usually have fake ‘number plates’ which are immediately used to change the ownership of the vehicle. So, garage doors are compulsory to install for giving 100% protection to vehicles.

Peace of Mind

When you install a door, it becomes easy to maintain the performance of the vehicle. This is all about peace of mind because you’ll be sure regarding the safety of the car as the garage doors are usually manufactured with a durable material that adds strength to the door. Burglars cannot break such doors which means that you’ll be able to sleep in the night with a peace of mind that your car is parked at a safe place.

Easy to Open and Close

The electric garage doors are designed with excellent features that make it incredibly convenient to open or close the door. When you will press a button while sitting in the car, the remote control will give a command to the door and it will be opened automatically. During all this process, you will not have to come out of the car and parking will be so convenient for you. More on, if you like to install a sliding door, it is also easy to open as a single push will be enough to open or close the garage door. Some people like to install shutters however every door has some unique benefits.

Cost Effective

The garage doors always prove cost-effective because when a person installs a door, he doesn’t have to pay high charges for the maintenance of vehicle which means a great saving in the cost. In short, your comfort zone will not be comprised as you can install a door by managing the budget in an efficient way. The price of the wooden door is somehow equal to iron doors, so you should definitely check the prices and material before placing an order. Well, in most of the cases, the companies prefer to ask the customers about the material that should be used for manufacturing the door of their garage. But if you love to have a door of your own choice then customization is also possible as both options are cost-effective.

Resistance to Weather Effects

A vehicle should be protected from the effects of weather because whenever it becomes severe, the engine of any vehicle can lose the efficiency. Extreme heat or heavy snow both are not good for a car but when you install the garage door, the whole room becomes more secure and some doors really provide a good insulation to the walls which means, insulation cost is also saved. Parking a car in the porch or in an open garage is not a good approach because the severe weather effects are not good for the performance of the vehicle and harmful sun rays can fade the color of car as well due to which, the overall value of the car will also be decreased.

Accommodating for the Power When Fitting a Big Engine in a Small Car

Car enthusiasts love creating an amazing machine out of a basic one. They always look for the most extreme engines and car parts to manufacture a street monster. It’s all fun and games, but you must know exactly what you are doing.

The first thing that pops up in a car enthusiasts head when they see an old car is “How cool would this piece of rubbish be if I stuck a big fat V8 in it?”. That’s when you know that they have some big ideas for that old wagon.

Most small cars that have had a big engine fitted will also have turbochargers. Bigger engines in small cars make them heavier and will require more power to move faster. The turbocharger will allow the driver to achieve this without using more petrol.

The most crucial part of swapping engines is the rewiring process. The distributor has been programmed to fire the sparkplugs at the correct time. The person doing the modification will have to test the firing times before fixing it into the bonnet.

The engine will also have to be connected to the throttle correctly in order to drive. It will also have to be connected to the speedometer for correct measurement of speed and how many revolutions per minute (RPM) the engine is doing.

You will also need to find a way to keep the engine cool. The space is smaller and retains more heat. Engine overheating is damaging and the correct cooling system is necessary. Coolant hoses will also need to be wider in diameter for more flow to the other engine parts.

In some cases, you may need to change the gear box for an increased amount of gears. The engine may not be used to full capacity if it doesn’t have a smaller gear to go to. Remember that the first gear is for higher torque and less speed. This means that the gear is bigger to allow for that power. Higher gears are smaller to allow for more speed as there is not as much diameter to go around.

Axles will also need to be changed or enhanced. Small cars don’t have very strong axles as they are not meant to go at extremely high speeds.

Check that the wheels and tyres can handle the speed too. Older and smaller cars have thinner tyres that will wear away at higher speeds. Ask a tyre supplier to advise you on this so that you get the most of the added engine capacity.