Is Your Radar Detector Becoming Obsolete?

xMore and more police agencies across the US are turning to laser based traffic enforcement devices which in effect make most radar detectors obsolete as most are unable to detect the narrow beam of light and when you are “shot you’re got”.

So the question becomes how can you beat this emerging technology used in speed traps across the world? The answer having an effective laser jammer.

The Generation 8 Laser Interceptor is the premier active laser jammer on the market today. With its’ leading technology and jamming capabilities, the laser Interceptor is the most bulletproof jammer available.

This is one of the easiest jammers to install. With its’ patented bracket design, installation can be done by virtually anyone. The brackets allow for a 360 degree rotation axis to allow the heads to be mounted perfectly level and perfectly aligned with extreme ease. Unlike other jammers that require drilling into vital components of the vehicle to mount, the Laser Interceptor brackets are thin and small enough to be attached to existing bolts of the car. Simply unscrew the original bolt from the car, slip the bracket through, and re-tighten it back into the car.

What makes the LI from all other jammers is the extreme power due to the design of the jammer heads. Most other jammers do not possess the power to effectively jam all police LIDAR guns. Unlike other jammers, the unit uses extremely powerful laser diodes that effectively confuse the LIDAR gun into reading no speed.

Another great feature of the Laser Interceptor is the ability to jam LIDAR guns without the gun displaying a “Jam Code”. Modern LIDAR guns will display jam codes such as “JA3” as to show the operator that the gun is being jammed. The advanced technology of the jammer prevents the LIDAR gun from recognizing a jammer, thus protecting the user from any unwanted attention from the operator of the gun.

The voice alerts are another exclusive feature of the LI. The voice alerts will inform the user when they are being targeted by LIDAR as well as announce what LIDAR gun is being used.

Even if a new LIDAR gun is produced, the Laser Interceptor has another trick up its’ sleeve. It is the “Unknown Gun” alert. The unknown gun alert will effectively jam any gun that the Laser Interceptor does not recognize.

For example, the older units, the TruSpeed LIDAR gun was not programmed into the CPU. Despite being an unrecognized gun, the LI would affectively jam the TruSpeed. Through constant CPU and programming upgrades, the TruSpeed is now part of the list of alerts. When new LIDAR guns are developed, the device will be equipped to handle any gun.

This is one of the best features of the Laser Interceptor. The fully upgradable firmware is a great way to stay up to date and save money. If new guns are produced, which is inevitable in the never ending and ever evolving traffic enforcement tactics, the Laser Interceptor will be ready. Simply plug the CPU into the computer and download the new software. The owners of Laser Interceptor are constantly testing and upgrading the software, so once you buy a Laser Interceptor, there is no need to buy another. Simply upgrade when new threats arise.